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Is your gender equality initiative fully inclusive – or does it really target white women? Do your efforts to improve racial diversity in leadership mainly speak to men? Many organisations have diversity initiatives for gender and race, but not effectively integrating the two. Gender inequality is often magnified for members of racial minorities – and vice versa. This means that any approach that misses the opportunity to integrate gender and race inclusion initiatives will inevitably fall short of its targets.


This year we are looking at how organisations can design diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives that work. As part of this work we have partnered with London Business School and UCL associate professors Aneeta Rattan and Raina Brands to enhance the inclusion related data that we collect and co-analyse our data set using an intersectional approach.

Initial analyses reveal that important differences at the intersection of race and gender in employee experience may be concealed as a consequence of analytical practices. This in turn may underpin the reasons for workplace gender equality initiatives falling short. Aneeta and Raina will deliver this masterclass, bringing their expertise to reveal what may be overlooked in your current diversity efforts, the barriers to full inclusion that your practices and policies may communicate, and help you think about concrete strategies that would fully integrate an intersectional approach into your organisational culture.

FSCB member firms will receive an invite to join this session. If you are not an FSCB member and are interested in getting involved in this work, please contact

Leading Inclusively

Transform your organisation by leading ethically and implementing concrete initiatives to boost diversity and fairness.

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is more important than ever – and engaging in these practices makes for a fairer workplace with a bigger pool of talent. This programme will empower managers to create, lead and maintain diverse workforces and fair and inclusive workplaces.

If you’re a leader who wants to discover EDI initiatives that have been proven to work – and the ones to avoid - you’ll learn from our expert professors, who will share theoretical frameworks and evidence-based tools that you can take back to your organisation. Through case studies, in-class exercises and short team projects, you’ll design your own initiatives to improve diversity and create cultures of inclusion.

The course will be held at the UCL School of Management at Canary Wharf. 

Start date: 12 October 2022
Class times: Wednesday evenings, 18:00 - 21:00
Duration: Six weeks
Fees: £3,600

More information can be found here

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